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Wheel Cover Instructions and FAQs

Non-Marking Wheel Covers | Size 0 | Size 0.5 | Size 1 | Size 2 | Size 3 | Bespoke

Wheel Covers Copyright © MEWPSAFETY UK 2018

Non-Marking Wheel Covers shown fitted to a Genie S85 Mobile Elevating Work Platform – Copyright MEWPSAFETY UK

How to select the correct Wheel Cover size

Non-Marking Wheel Covers come in a range of five adjustable sizes, ranging from our smallest ‘Size 0’ to our largest ‘Size 3’. Most MEWPs, Telehandlers, Forklifts and other construction Plant, will normally require one of these sizes. ‘Bespoke Sizes’ can also be made exactly to your requirements. Always ensure that you have the correct sizes prior to ordering. Measure the wheel diameter as shown in (Image 1) and the wheel depth as shown in image (Image 2) and compare them to the table below.

   SizeTo fit wheel diameter size vs wheel depth size (Imperial & Metric)  
   Buy Size 0 »Diameter 10” – 15” (25.40cm – 38.10cm) and wheel depth 5” (12.7cm)
   Buy Size 0.5 »Diameter 16” – 22” (40.64cm – 55.88cm) and wheel depth 9” (22.86cm)
   Buy Size 1 »Diameter 23” – 33” (58.42cm – 83.82cm) and wheel depth 13” (33.02cm)
   Buy Size 2 »Diameter 34” – 44” (86.36cm – 111.76cm) and wheel depth 23” (58.42cm)
   Buy Size 3 »Diameter 45” – 52” (114.30cm – 132.08cm) and wheel depth 23” (58.42cm)
   Buy Bespoke »Made to order (Customer to provide preferred diameter and wheel depth)

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Wheel Cover FAQs

Are wheel covers just for MEWPs?

No, they are universal, meaning they can be used on a wide range of machines and vehicles. This includes Forklifts, Telehandlers and a myriad of other Construction Plant Vehicles. We have also had bespoke customer orders ranging from Formula One Racing Teams, the Filming Industry, Car manufacturers, Car Show Rooms, Classic Car enthusiasts, Aircraft and owners of Trailers and Caravans.  Wheel covers not only prevent unsightly or damaging marks to sensitive, high value floors and surfaces, it would seem that many of our customers also use them to help prevent tyre degradation and perishing (long-term exposure to the elements and sunlight) when in storage.

I want 2 x sets of x 2 for a Forklift?

That’s not a problem. Though it is always worthwhile having spares, we understand that some of our customers just want two wheel covers for the front wheels of the Forklift and two smaller wheel covers for the back wheels of the Forklift. Though we are not currently set up to offer this directly on the website, we can still split down sets of four wheel covers at a customers request. But it will be the larger wheel cover size price that will be charged. Say for example you needed two of Size 2  and two of Size 1. Order and pay for the larger size and add a note in the comments box, somewhere on the lines of: “Please Mix and Match 2 x Size 2 + 2 x Size 1 Thank You”. Alternatively contact us prior to placing your order.

How long do the wheel covers last?

If fitted and used correctly the Wheel Covers should last for a number of uses. Though this will largely depend on the machine being used, the surfaces they are used on and most importantly, the operator. Avoid debris, sharp stones, ridged and broken concrete, also avoid excessive travel speed, sharp turns and aggressive braking.

What are wheel covers made from?

Wheel Covers are made from tough, crack-resistant, PVC coated PES fabric (Cold resistant to -25 ºC with a high end temperature of +70 ºC) and commercial grade Velcro fastenings and stitching. They are designed and made with durability in mind.

Can the wheel covers be cleaned?

Yes. The Wheel Cover PVC coating is waterproof and can be hand cleaned or even jet washed with a solution of mild detergent and warm water, should they get dirty during use.

Where are the wheel covers made?

Wheel Covers are designed, patented and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

What are the delivery lead times?

Buying your MEWP Wheel covers online will qualify you for our FREE delivery. Online orders received before 12:00 Midday Monday – Friday (Not including Public Holidays etc.) will normally be dispatched the same working day. Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery. These despatch times are for the United Kingdom Mainland. For parts of Scotland and Offshore Isles including Northern Ireland, a delivery surcharge and extended despatch times may apply. Bespoke Wheel Covers will normally be manufactured and despatched within 3 to 5 days from when an order is placed.

How can I pay other than PayPal?

PayPal is currently our preferred method of payment. It is quick and easy. However, this does not mean you have to have a PayPal account to place an order. PayPal will allow you to sign in as a guest and pay by credit or debit card for a limited number of uses. Alternatively, you can request a Proforma Invoice to make payment by BACS. Repeat customers to our website may be eligible for a credit account, terms and conditions apply.

What are the Do’s and Don’t?


    Always read in full and abide by the Wheel Cover Instructions provided.
    Always undertake a risk assessment prior to using Wheel Covers.
    Only competent persons should assess, fit and use these Wheel Covers.
    These Wheel Covers are designed for use on flat level surfaces only.
    Prior to fitting, ensure work area is cordoned and free from persons, machinery and traffic.
    Remove all debris and obstructions from the work area.
    Switch off machine engine, apply parking brake and remove ignition key when fitting.


    Don’t fit and use Wheel Covers for journeys on public roads and highways.
    Don’t use Wheel Covers if they are excessively worn or damaged.
    Don’t use Wheel Covers on frozen or other slippery surfaces.
    Don’t use Wheel Covers on inclined or cambered surfaces.
    Don’t use fast and excessive travel speed – Slow Down!
  Don’t use aggressive (harsh), excessive or sudden braking.
  Don’t over-steer when stationary and avoid narrow (sharp) turning circles.
    Don’t climb onto or lay down under the machine when fitting Wheel Covers.

The above list of Do’s and Don’t is not exhaustive. For more information regards to Universal Non-Marking Wheel Covers please Contact Us »