RidgeGear® Xtra Comfort Fit Back Pad RGK43

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RidgeGear Xtra Comfort Fit Back Pad RGK43



RidgeGear Harness Xtra Comfort Fit Back Pad RGK43


Comprises of: Xtra comfort fit back pad RGK43
Qty: One
Material: Comfort mesh padded polyester
Features: Velcro fastening for easy fitting & removal
Unit Size: Fits RGHK5/IPAF safety harness restraint kit
Colour: Black (allow for colour variance on screen)
Unit Weight: 160 g
Trademark: Unitex RidgeGear®

The RidgeGear Harness Xtra Comfort Fit Back Pad is aimed at users who demand maximum comfort, especially when they are required to work in a safety harness for long periods of time. The Xtra Comfort Fit Back Pad is compatible with the RidgeGear RGHK5/IPAF Harness Restraint Kit, and once attached has the added advantage of making the harness easier to don.

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Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 380 × 240 × 50 mm

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