IPAF Harness Use & Inspection (H)



IPAF Harness Use and Inspection (H) Training Course

Awarding Body:

International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)

Industry Specific:

Safety Harness Use in Boom Type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)

Course Summary:

The IPAF  Harness Use and Inspection course is for MEWP operatives and their co-workers who work from boom type platforms (1b + 3b).  Wearing a suitable safety harness as per IPAF’s Technical Guidance Note (TGN H1/08/12) provides protection against platform ejection. This essential course educates safe use, fitting and personal pre-use inspection of a safety harness.

Course Aim:

Understand relevant Regulations, Guidance and Standards. Be able to identify, select, inspect, adjust, maintain and store the correct safety harness and lanyard for use in boom type MEWPs.


Training by an IPAF Instructor / 1 Trainer to 12 Trainees

Course Duration:

Half Day Course

Course Content:

  • Introduction – Facilities, Objectives, Health and Fitness Statement.
  • Legislation, Standards and Guidance – HSWA 1974, MHSWR 1974, PUWER 1998, LOLER 1998, WAHR 2005, PPE 2002, CHSWR, CE Markings, and How often should you inspect your harness.
  • Hierarchy of Fall Protection Measures – Safe work at height, Avoidance, Work Restraint, Work Position and Fall Arrest.
  • IPAF Harness Statement – Technical Guidance Note (TGN H1/08/12).
  • Harness, Lanyard and Fittings – Harness Types, Lanyard Types, Fall Factors, Fixed vs. Adjustable, Loops vs. Sliders, Inertia Devices, Different Connects, Captive Webbing.
  • Pre-Use Checks (Includes a practical Exercise) – How to do Pre-use checks and Fitting.
  • Usage and Anchor Points – Typical Anchorage Points.
  • Storage and Maintenance
  • Hazards and Precautions
  • Rescue Requirements and Options
  • Theory Test – Individual written tests with explanation of pass requirements.

Course Qualification:

Upon successful completion of the course, applicants will receive an IPAF certificate. Those who hold a valid Powered Access Licence (PAL Card) for operating equipment, can have the Harness Use & Inspection (H) category added to their PAL Card. It remains valid for five years.

Joining Instructions:

Due to regular IPAF training programme updates, course criteria and content may be subject to change. All IPAF training centres will advise and provide the relevant information and specific joining instructions prior to applicants undertaking a course. To find an IPAF Approved Training Centre that currently offers this course you can search by region in our IPAF Training Directory.


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