IPAF Demonstrator (D)



IPAF Demonstrator (D) Familiarisation

Awarding Body

International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)

Industry Specific

Hand-Over / Familiarisation of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)

Course Summary

The IPAF demonstrator course provides instruction for an experienced operator to familiarise other IPAF trained operators on MEWPs which have characteristics that differ significantly from their previous training i.e. (weight, height, width, length, limitations or complexity). This course is suitable for those who need to deliver hand-over demonstrations (basic instruction) for MEWPs.

Course Aim

To instruct an experienced operator to demonstrate MEWPs having characteristics which differ significantly from preceding training i.e. (weight, height, width, length, limitations or complexity).


Training by an IPAF Instructor

Course Duration

1 – 2 Days dependant on machine type(s)

Course Content

  • Introduction – Facilities, Objectives, Health and Fitness Statement. Pre-Theory Test
  • MEWP categories – Different types of MEWP and their description and other courses available.
  • PPE – Different types of PPE required, Harness Statement.
  • Operator revision and theory test – Refresher on operator course and operator theory test.
  • Responsibilities for familiarisation – BS ISO 18878:2004, BS8460:2017, Familiarisation statement, Company responsibilities, Demonstrator responsibilities.
  • Demonstrator training and practical demonstration – Familiarisation, how to get the information across, what is involved when doing a handover, identifying the individual machine, suitability of the machine, limitations and machine features.
  • Pre-use and function checks
  • Introduction to machine
  • Carry out basic operational demonstration
  • Daily checks
  • Defect reporting
  • Handover certificate procedure – Different hire terms and conditions. User responsibilities – What are they? Defects, Contracts and paperwork.
  • Practical role-play of handover procedure
  • Review and complete test – Individual written test with explanation of pass requirements.

Course Qualification

Upon successful completion of the course, applicants will receive an IPAF certificate. Those who hold a valid Powered Access Licence (PAL Card) will have it upgraded, the ‘OP’ prefix identification number will be replaced with a ‘D’  for Demonstrator. It remains valid for five years.

Joining Instructions

Due to regular IPAF training programme updates, course criteria and content may be subject to change. All IPAF training centres will advise and provide the relevant information and specific joining instructions prior to applicants undertaking a course. Please Contact Us to book a course or for further information.