Advanced IPAF Operator (PAL+)



IPAF (PAL+) Advanced MEWP Operator Training Course

Awarding Body:

International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)

Industry Specific:

Advanced Operation of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)

Course Summary:

Employers who want their operators to undergo more advanced and extensive MEWP training, can opt to engage them in an additional one day IPAF PAL+ course. PAL+ is category specific training aimed at operators working in higher risk or challenging environments. On completion, the operative will have the “+” qualification added to the relevant categories on their PAL Card.

Course Aim:

PAL+ is for trained operators who work in higher risk environments, e.g. steelworks, confined overhead spaces and challenging terrain. It is aimed to improve behavioural and practical skills.


Training by an IPAF Instructor

Course Duration:

1 – 3 Days dependent on machine type(s)

Course Content:

  • Introduction – Facilities, PAL+ overview, attitude during entire day to be graded and pre-course theory test.
  • What happens when it goes wrong – Accident analysis.
  • Human Behaviour – Human factors, permit to use and worker involvement.
  • MEWP categories and selection – MEWP choices and understanding MEWP categories.
  • Operator training vs. familiarisation – Differences and reasoning between training and familiarisation.
  • Operator’s daily inspection –  Pre-use checks and defects.
  • MEWP person fall protection – Understanding when and why harnesses are required.
  • Safe operation methods and hazard awareness – MEWP set-up, ground conditions, ground bearing pressure, travelling up and down a slope, gradeability, working envelope, pre-operation, observation and smooth operation.
  • Practical Training
  • Candidate Interview – Individual verbal questions from the practical session, verbal question paper and practical test based on the use of the MEWP Operator Practical Test Plan with explanation of pass requirements.
  • Course Evaluation – The course evaluation will be a combination of the candidate’s performance throughout the day and an interview taking into account their attitude as well as questioning to ensure an understanding of the practical sessions undertaken.

Course Qualification:

Upon successful completion of the course, operators will have the “+” qualification added to the relevant categories on their PAL Card e.g. (1a+, 1b+, 3a+, 3b+). It remains valid for five years.

Joining Instructions:

Due to regular IPAF training programme updates, course criteria and content may be subject to change. All IPAF training centres will advise and provide the relevant information and specific joining instructions prior to applicants undertaking a course. To find an IPAF Approved Training Centre that currently offers this course you can search by region in our IPAF Training Directory.


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