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Damaging tyre marks? Not a problem, we have you covered!

Fitting protective non-marking wheel covers to Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) including Forklifts and Telehandlers, can help prevent potential tyre damage to sensitive, high value floors and surfaces. Plant wheels also accumulate dirt, grease, oils and paints, which are not so noticeable when operating outside on most surfaces but on more sensitive, high value floors the damage is very evident.

Even after cleaning with aggressive chemicals and high pressure jet washing, which can be expensive and not always appropriate, stubborn tyre marks can remain. Non-marking wheel covers when fitted and used correctly won’t leave any unsightly or damaging tyre marks. They are easy to fit in three simple steps, you drive on, adjust and then simply Velcro fasten.

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Wheel Covers come in a range of five adjustable sizes, ranging from the smallest ‘Size 0’ to the largest ‘Size 3’. Most MEWPs, Telehandlers and Forklifts will normally require one of these five sizes, however, ‘Bespoke Sizes’ can also be made to exact requirements. Please ensure that you have the correct sizes prior to ordering. Measure the wheel diameter (Image 1) and the wheel depth (Image 2) and then compare them with the sizes shown in the table below.

Measure Wheel Diameter
Image 1. Using a tape measure, measure the wheel diameter.
Image 2. Measure the wheel cross width.
Image 2. Using a tape measure, measure the wheel depth.
Size Measure wheel diameter size vs wheel depth size (Imperial and Metric)
Buy Size 0 » Diameter 10” – 15” (25.40cm – 38.10cm) and wheel depth of 5” (12.7cm)
Buy Size 0.5 » Diameter 16” – 22” (40.64cm – 55.88cm) and wheel depth of 9” (22.86cm)
Buy Size 1 » Diameter 23” – 33” (58.42cm – 83.82cm) and wheel depth of 13” (33.02cm)
Buy Size 2 » Diameter 34” – 44” (86.36cm – 111.76cm) and wheel depth of 23” (58.42cm)
Buy Size 3 » Diameter 45” – 52” (114.30cm – 132.08cm) and wheel depth of 23” (58.42cm)
Buy Bespoke » Made to order (Customer to provide preferred diameter and wheel depth)
Fitting Instructions » More information on Non-Marking Wheel Covers, fitting instructions and FAQs

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Buying your MEWP Wheel covers online will qualify you for our FREE delivery. Online orders received before 12:00 Midday Monday – Friday (Not including Public Holidays etc.) will normally be dispatched the same working day. Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery.

Free delivery and dispatch times as shown above are currently only available for the United Kingdom Mainland. For some parts of Scotland and also the Scottish Highlands and ‘Offshore Isles’ including Northern Ireland, a delivery surcharge and extended dispatch times (different to those provided above) may apply. For further details please Contact Us to discuss arrangements prior to making your online order.

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