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Looking for a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) IPAF Training Centre near to you? Are you looking for Professional IPAF Training to use a Push Around Vertical (PAV), a Scissor Lift, Cherry Picker (Mobile, Static Trailer, Van, Truck or Tracked Mounted Boom)? We can help you select the right category and arrange for an IPAF course near to you. To discuss further please Contact Us »

Main IPAF MEWP Operator training categories

IPAF MEWP operator training courses instruct an applicant to prepare for and safely operate various types of MEWPs. They generally last 1 – 3 days dependent on the applicant, machine category (1a, 1b, 3a, 3b) and size etc. They involve a combination of both theory and practical testing. Successful applicants get a training certificate, PAL Card and an operators’ User Log Book.

IPAF Training for Static Vertical 1a  IPAF Training for Static Boom 1b  IPAF Training for Mobile Vertical 3a  IPAF Training for Mobile Boom 3b

Other IPAF training categories you might need

IPAF also provide other MEWP related courses such as the MEWPs for Managers course which covers what managers need to know about using MEWPs on site. They also provide Instructor, Demonstrator, Competent Assessed Person (CAP) Assessment, a Load and Unload for delivery drivers, and also an essential Harness use and inspection course for users of boom type platforms.

We can arrange for IPAF training in all regions 

MEWPSAFETY UK have for many years developed strong, professional, working relationships with numerous accredited Training Centres, located all over the UK. We pride ourselves on our ability to source the right course, coupled with a suitable training provider and location, tailored to the customers needs. So, if you are currently searching for IPAF Training, then please Get in touch »


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