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Though every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the compiled information provided, it will always remain subordinate to the applicable Legislation of the United Kingdom and local Regulations in force. The owner of this website will not be held liable for any absolute reliance, misinterpretation or application the reader places on any information or guidance provided. This website should not be seen or used as a substitute for professional training or safety consultancy.


The design, content and availability of our website may change without prior notification. We reserve the right to amend or update design and content at our discretion and without need of explanation. This can result in the deletion of existing text, images or entire pages. There may be temporary or sustained periods of downtime due to updates, maintenance or other issues beyond our control. We will not be liable for any absolute reliance the user places on website availability.


The content of the MEWPSAFETY UK website including but not limited to text, images, graphics or code, is copyrighted as a collective work under the United Kingdom copyright and other signatory countries laws. No part of this website may be used, copied or reproduced without the express permission of the owners Alpha Powered Access Operator Services. Users may however save or print hard copy portions of this website for reasons of personal study or when placing an order.


The MEWPSAFETY UK website contains an ‘Editorial‘ feature with editorial contributions from third party ‘Guest’ writers, whom we have reason to believe are industry professionals and leaders within a specific field of expertise. Inclusion of these ‘Guest Editorials’ however, does not infer our affiliation to those person(s) or imply our confirmation to the accuracy of the editorial content supplied, endorsement of their competency or their expressed opinions or products and services.

Guest writers who submit content, images, graphics or photos to this website for publication do so on the understanding that the work is their own and that no Copyright or intellectual property has been infringed and that any original source or reference has been duly acknowledged. Once the content, images, graphics or photos have been submitted to MEWPSAFETY UK for on-line publication, permission to edit, re-use and re-publish across other mediums cannot be withdrawn.

* The link directs you to ‘Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1998′ Chapter IV / Moral Rights / Right to be identified as author or director.


MEWPSAFETY UK website contains third party photographic images included in galleries which display contributed content depicting both good and bad MEWP work practices or alternatively photographic images provided by a manufacturer or their distributors, showcasing products and services. MEWPSAFETY UK has been granted permission by the owners to use these images, however, this permission does not extend to further copying or use by the visitors to our website.


There may be on occasion photographic images, contributed by our website users, where original ownership and copyright cannot justifiably be verified. These images will mostly likely portray poor or dangerous work practices and will have most probably been cascaded through various social media networking websites. If we perceive a photo image as ‘public domain’ we may opt to display it in a ‘NON-COMMERCIAL CONTEXT’ but will respect original ownership, removing it, if disputed.


Links to external sources (i.e. to third party websites) are provided from our own website, which we feel may be of further interest to our website users. The websites reached by these external links remain independent of our own and therefore beyond our administrative control. Inclusion of these outward links, does not however, infer affiliation or association to these third party websites or imply approval or endorsement of their expressed opinions, competency, products or services.


External ‘inward’ links to our website from third party websites (i.e. blogs, forums or other electronic literature etc.) are beyond our administrative control. Inward links from third party websites can be created or generated without our prior knowledge and approval. Therefore, inward links from third party websites do not infer our affiliation or association to these third party websites, or imply approval or endorsement of their expressed opinions, competency, products or services.


Terms and Conditions reviewed and revised at 14:40 Hrs GMT on Thursday 08th September 2016