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Learn more about MEWPSAFETY UK On-line Safety Shop

MEWPSAFETY UK is quickly becoming a leading on-line resource for UK Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Information, Hire, Training and related sale of Work at Height Safety Equipment.

MEWPSAFETY UK are fully committed to actively promoting and encouraging the safe use of MEWPs and aim to work in support of leading industry organisations, for the benefit of industry stakeholders, duty-holders and end-users. We aim to compile and provide a useful resource of MEWP information on this website and all equipment, hire and training needed in the on-line shop.

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It’s About You!

MEWPSAFETY UK is owned and managed by Alpha Powered Access Operator Services, who have been at the forefront of providing professional operator services to various industry sectors for a number of years. Today, we help to actively promote MEWPs and best practice to others. It has always been a work ethos that it is not just “About Us” but more “About You” and how we can help.

We are Members of IPAF

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is a not-for-profit organisation which is solely owned by its members. Formed in 1983, IPAF has significantly grown, with over 1100 members in 52 countries worldwide. Membership is available for manufacturers, distributors, rental companies, training companies, end-users and interested parties. It is the ‘World Authority in Powered Access’.

Through it’s training programmes and safety initiatives, IPAF delivers industry Technical Advice, information and support. IPAF has formed active industry related committees and holds regular Regional Meetings where members come together to learn about the latest industry developments. Members strive to support its activities by promoting the safe and effective use of Powered Access.


With much dedicated work already undertaken by leading organisations promoting the safe use of powered access, it’s surprising how many end-users still fail to adopt the basic of requirements. We hope overtime, that many will come to see and value the MEWPSAFETY UK website, as a leading reference point, an informative resource, and a ‘gateway’ to the powered access industry.

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