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MEWPs Selection criteria
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MEWPs Selection criteria

There are many different types of MEWP with various rated capacities, working heights and outreaches.

Before you decide which type of MEWP is the most suitable for the job, think about the following (this list is not exhaustive):

■   What work needs to be done?
■   At what stage in the job will the MEWP be needed and what will the Ground conditions or supporting structure be like at that stage (ie rough, prepared, poured slab, finished surface etc)?
■   What access is there onto the site to Deliver/collect a MEWP and to travel it to and from the work location?
■   What terrain and gradient will the MEWP have to cross to get to the work position and is operator visibility and segregation adequate for the manoeuvre?
■   Are there any Overhead power lines or subterranean hazards on site to be avoided?
■   How much space is available to position and operate the MEWP at the work position?
■   What is the maximum Ground bearing capacity at the work area and along the route to and from the work positions?
■   How many people need to be lifted?
■   What is the required safe working load (SWL) of the machine?
■   What height and outreach are required?
■   Will the MEWP be expected to move in the elevated position?
■   Are there likely to be any Overhead structures that the operator could be Crushed against?
■   Are there any materials to be lifted and if so what is their weight/shape/length?
■   Are Material handling devices required?
■   What interface is there with other Vehicles and pedestrians and are there any unusual issues, eg aircraft, rail traffic, public highway?
■   What fuel type is allowed on site and where will refuelling take place?

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Acknowledgement: The information shown above is adopted from HSE General Information Sheet No 6 (GEIS6) Crown Copyright © 2014

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