MEWPs Trapping/Crushing against overhead and adjacent obstructions

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MEWPs Trapping/crushing against overhead and adjacent obstructions
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MEWPs Trapping/crushing against overhead and adjacent obstructions

When operating a MEWP where there are adjacent or Overhead structures, it is possible that the operator could be trapped or crushed against those structures. This entrapment can result in serious, sometimes fatal injury.

If there are structures against which an operator could be trapped or crushed, consider selecting a MEWP fitted with a secondary guarding device which will prevent, or mitigate against the consequences of trapping or crushing.

For further guidance, see Best practice guidance for MEWPs and MEWPs – Guidance on secondary guarding devices available to reduce the risk of entrapment injury.

Extra care must be taken if MEWPs are used to manoeuvre up through steelwork, service ducts or other obstacles as there is a risk of the operator being trapped between the basket and surrounding structures. This risk increases when the number of levels the MEWP operates through increases, and when clearance is reduced due to materials being loaded onto the lower levels.

MEWPs are fitted with proportional controls to allow smooth operation and movement of the platform. There can be an element of ‘run-on’ when the controls are released abruptly, which may mean the platform continues to move for a short time after the controls have been released. Therefore, particular care must be taken when working close to Overhead structures to avoid the impact and possible risk of crushing.

Manoeuvring the basket with the operator crouched over the control panel to try to avoid Overhead obstructions is dangerous and should not be done.

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Acknowledgement: The information shown above is adopted from HSE General Information Sheet No 6 (GEIS6) Crown Copyright © 2014

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