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MEWPs Site traffic and personnel
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MEWPs Site traffic and personnel

Think about how the MEWP interacts with other site traffic and personnel.

■   Does the operator have limited visibility, particularly during reversing? Is a banksman required?
■   What is required in terms of vehicle route signage, pedestrian and vehicle segregation barriers, cones, crossings etc?
■   Is there a risk of Trapping other workers between the counterweight and an adjacent structure during slewing?
■   Are people below protected from the risk of objects falling from the basket? The first priority should be to keep people out of the area but, if it is necessary to have people working in an area where they could be at risk of being struck by a falling object, you must put control measures in place, eg Tool lanyards.
■   When working in an area used by other workers or vehicles, the entire MEWP work area (based on required outreach distances and not just base structure footprint) should be barricaded using cones and warning signs etc.
■   How many lifting devices are working in the area and is there any risk they could collide with each other?
■   Does any part of the MEWP protrude out of the confines of the work area? Note: you must never boom over live traffic.
■   Are you working within 6 km of an aerodrome/airfield using a MEWP in excess of 10 metres in height? If so, you should contact the airfield manager for permission to work in that air space.

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Acknowledgement: The information shown above is adopted from HSE General Information Sheet No 6 (GEIS6) Crown Copyright © 2014

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