MEWPs Positioning before and during work

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MEWPs Positioning before and during work
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MEWPs Positioning before and during work

Consider the following:

■   What type of Ground will the MEWP have to travel across before reaching its work position, eg hard, firm, soft, sloping, uneven terrain, soft spots, kerbs, subterranean hazards (such as tanks, cellars and culverts, inspection covers, sewers and service trenches), paved areas, footpaths, waterlogged areas, frozen ground etc?
■   Is a banksman or vehicle marshaller required when moving the MEWP across the site to its work position?
■   Will a wander lead be utilised and, if so, is it long enough to keep the operator at a safe distance?
■   Is the ground sufficiently level at the work location?
■   What is the Ground bearing capacity at the work position and along the route to and from it? Is there enough space for the outriggers to be deployed?
■   What is the maximum point load (under a wheel, outrigger or jack pad)? Are spreader plates required?
■   Will the MEWP have to pass beneath any Overhead power lines? If so, is there enough clearance and has the area been demarcated?
■   Will the MEWP have to be lifted into position by crane? Are the MEWP lifting points well indicated and is the weight of the MEWP and radius of lift known? Is there an Appointed Person to plan the lift?
■   Will the MEWP have to operate on Ground floor slabs or slabs at other levels in the structure? Has the risk of the MEWP running off the edge of a Ground floor slab onto soft Ground or off the edge of an elevated floor slab been considered? How will the risk be controlled?
■   Have segregation/control measures been considered to prevent the MEWP encroaching into or over live Vehicle or pedestrian routes?

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Acknowledgement: The information shown above is adopted from HSE General Information Sheet No 6 (GEIS6) Crown Copyright © 2014

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