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MEWPs Handling materials
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MEWPs Handling materials

If MEWPs are to be used to install materials, it is essential to know the weight and dimensions of those materials and to properly consider any manual handling and load distribution issues.

Boom-type MEWPs generally have smaller baskets and lower lift capacities than scissor-type MEWPs and their platforms can ‘bounce’ at height due to the boom structure flexing. This may make them less suitable to use for installing long or heavy materials, or bulky materials that may obstruct the control panel.

Materials should never be balanced on the handrails of a MEWP. Instead, you should consider using a second boom-type MEWP, a scissor lift, a crane or a telehandler of appropriate capacity in conjunction with an appropriate material handling attachment where necessary. The combination of a MEWP used for access, with other plant to handle the materials, reduces the risk of overturning and minimises the risk of injury due to manual handling.

Remember, all people, tools, materials and material handling devices add to the safe working load of the machine. Never disable the platform overload system. Where the overload alarm has been activated or movement functions have cut out due to overload, remove the overload immediately if possible before attempting to recover the machine.

If you plan the work properly, the need for outreach may be avoided by, for example, preparing or reinstating the Ground conditions in the area directly beneath planned Overhead work or by adjusting the work schedule to delay the construction of low level structures until work Overhead has been completed.

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Acknowledgement: The information shown above is adopted from HSE General Information Sheet No 6 (GEIS6) Crown Copyright © 2014

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