MEWPs Delivery to and collection from site

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MEWPs Delivery to and collection from site
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MEWPs Delivery to and collection from site

Think about what size of delivery vehicle or vehicle mounted MEWP will need access to site or whether a self-propelled MEWP will have to be off-loaded on the public highway. You should liaise with your supplier/haulage company on the following matters:

■   What time of day will be most appropriate?
■   Will the MEWP need to be reversed off the delivery vehicle or, if vehicle-mounted, reversed onto site?
■   What size of turning circle will be needed?
■   Who will meet the delivery driver?
■   If you have to unload/reload the MEWP on the public highway, this still forms part of your undertaking and will require adequate control measures to protect/segregate pedestrians and other road users during these manoeuvres.
■   Is the lighting adequate or is more required?
■   Is the ground capacity suitable? Are there manhole covers or other features that must be avoided?

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Acknowledgement: The information shown above is adopted from HSE General Information Sheet No 6 (GEIS6) Crown Copyright © 2014

Loading and unloading of MEWPs is a dangerous activity

Loading and unloading of MEWPs is potentially one of the most dangerous activities, an area that IPAF has focused on. About a third of reported incidents (IPAF Accident Database Jan 2012 – Apr 2013)  involved drivers (34.3%, 104). Industry sources estimate that there are approximately one million movements of MEWPs (delivery and collection) by road every year in the UK. Read More »

Acknowledgement: “MEWP delivery drivers need more safety training, IPAF accident reporting database reveals”  IPAF Copyright © 2013

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